Ben Chua, joins SYH in the year 2002 and was appointed as Managing Director due to his ability on
handling all company's tasks especially shipping documentation as well as collaborating with
Malaysian Royal Custom.

Other than shipping arrangement, Ben is also closely monitoring the commodities pricing movement,
which he’s alert at all time on the happening and invents in Soybeans industry globally. Ben will
continue to master his skills in order to serve the company for many years to come.
T.Y. Chua was first joined SYH back in the year
1989. He has been working in the Soybeans
industry for more than 25 years.

Over the past 25 years, T.Y. has been our
company’s main marketing person and he has
been communicating well with our customers
every day till now.

T.Y. was appointed as Executive Chairman
because of his efforts and attention given to the

There are a lot of improvements and a lot of new
products were being introduced since his arrival.

His experience and skills on handling the
company’s sales has been tremendously

With his dedication and vast experiences in
serving our customers, he was now officially
appointed as our company’s Executive Chairman.

T.Y. will continue working closely with our
customers for many years and looking forward to
serve the needs of our valued customers.
Business Registration Number: 77438-X
GST Number: 002106195968
Created by SYH Million @ 2016
T.M. Chua, joins SYH in the year 2002 and was appointed as Treasury Director due to his leaderships
and executive ability on guiding employees. Transportation and estimated time arrival of goods to
customers are improving day to day.

Company’s financial has been going steadily since his arrival and T.M. will continue to improved his
skills to serve the company better for many years to come.
Serene Chua, whom started her services at SYH back in 1997. She was handling all the company’s
accounts, book keeping and as well as monitoring company’s banking facilities.

Serene was appointed as Head of Accounts & Banking Division in the year 1999 because of her
expertise of handling company’s accounts.

Serene will continue providing her services to the company with strong desire and dedication.
Introduction of our company's board of directors and their personal background.
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