SOY MILK, is the rich creamy milk of whole Soybeans. With its unique nutty flavor and rich nutrition,
Soy Milk can be used in a variety of ways.

In China and Japan, fresh Soy Milk are made daily using a simple, centuries-old process of grinding
soaked and cooked Soybeans and pressing the dissolved Soy Milk out of the beans.

In these countries, Soy Milk is sold by street vendors or in cafes.
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List of products produced by Soybeans.
Soy Milk
Soy Milk Process
It is served hot or cold and is often sweetened for a delightful beverage
or flavored with Soy sauce, onion and vegetables to produce spicy soup.
A faux Soy Milk can be made from Soy flour, or Soybeans. Soy Milks are
sold in supermarkets locally, health food stores and specialty food shops.

It is most commonly found in aseptic (non-refrigerating) quart and
8-ounce containers, but is also sold refrigerated in plastic quart and
half-gallon containers. Unopened, aseptically packaged Soy Milk can be
stored at room temperature for several months. Once it is opened, the
Soy Milk must be refrigerating. It will stay fresh for about 5 days.

One major difference between Soy Milk and all other Tofu products in the
market today is the packaging process. During this packaging process,
the food inside is never exposed to light, air, or bacteria, which can lead
to spoilage.

Tetra Pak of Sweden develops this packaging in 1979 and it is a very
unique packaging. This packaging locks out the "bad" (light, air, and
bacteria) and locks in the "good" (nutrients, amino acids, is oflavones,
and flavor). This means the Soy Milk will be at its freshest flavor with no
sour taste and no bacterial contamination.