SOY PUDDING, are basically for kids and parents can even get their kids to
taste Soy foods by heading to the Poultry Tent for lunch or dinner.

The pudding is made from Soybeans and Soy Milk, giving it added
nutritional value.

Children can enjoy a ‘kid’s meal’ of a turkey hot dog, chips, beverage and
chocolate or banana Soy pudding for dessert.
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SOYBEAN SPROUT, one of the traditional foods in Asia such as China,
Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc has a problem of rot
disease under humid and closed cultivation condition. There is lack of
identification of pathogens of Soybean sprouts.

However, in this study, Soybean sprout pathogens were isolated and
identified. Thirty-three and sixteen strains of bacteria and fungi,
respectively, were isolated from the rotten tissues of Soybean sprouts.

Pectobacterium carotovorum and Pseudomonas spp. were identified as
bacterial pathogens, while Fusarium oxysporium, Alternaria sp.,
Rhizoctonia sp. and Mucor sp. were identified as fungal pathogens.
Alternaria sp. and Mucor sp. have not been reported till now as pathogens
of Soybean Sprouts and Soybeans.

Soybean Sprouts can clear heat and help urination; harmonize the stomach
and disperse accumulation; treat edema and damp heat impediment.