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Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Soybeans, are any Soybean variety that has not been
genetically modified through biotechnology procedures to add a specific trait, such as Roundup
Ready Soybeans.
(IP) Identity Preserved Soybeans, a unique economic opportunity exists for Ontario’s Soybean
growers with Identity Preserved (IP) Soybeans. IP refers to segregating specific Soybean varieties for
specific end markets such as Non-GMO or food-use Soybeans. IP Soybeans offers additional profit
potential for growers through product premiums and competitive Soybean varieties.
In addition, Non-GMO Soybeans cannot be treated or exposed to chemical
pesticides during storage. The Non-GMO Soybean market has recently been
spurred by consumer concerns in Japan and the European Community about the
long-term safety of GMO crops and food products.

The marketing of Non-GMO Soybeans is dependent on local processing demand
and available to anyone who has kept Non-GMO Soybeans identity preserved
(IP). Producing Non-GMO Soybeans may or may not require on farm storage.
IP contracts also present the opportunity to reduce price volatility through
preset agreements with processors and customers, allowing for reduced risk in
financial planning. Essentially, IP Soybeans are the next step in capturing
additional value from what has historically been a pure commodity market. A
successful IP Soybean grower must be willing to manage his crop closely to
meet the requirements of the IP contract.

However, many of the management requirements for successful IP production
also lend themselves well to successful commodity production.
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