Our company logo comprised a Lion symbol.
The Lion symbolize the strength, capability
and stability of our company. Our company
comprises of five elements, which represent
various kind of meanings:

  • Courage - We believe, is the most
    important aspect in the business world.

  • Dignity - We do honor and respect
    others as well.

  • Magnificent - In our company, we
    always do believe this moral value.
    Splendid and extraordinary.

  • Trust - We do develop confidant of
    others to believe us that we are reliable.

  • Unique - We do our best in giving the
    best among the best in this industry.
Dear Readers,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am sadly to report that it has been a difficult year for us
because of the economic downturn and the heavy competition in Malaysia. However, our company
has been affected and it is very depressing due to the economic slowdown.

We hope in years to come, the economy will  rise again and we'll be back in the market soon.
Again I would give credit and honor to all our staff’s especially to those who are in the marketing
team, which have been working very hard to get back on track.With our employees’ spirit and
board members supports, we have been double our effort to overcome this problem.

Finally, I wish to thank all the employees for their contributions and support during the year. I
would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all of our employees for their dedicated
services during the year.

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate to all of our employees, value bankers, suppliers
who make it happen. Together, let's bring success and wealth to SYH!

Ben Chua
Managing Director
Business Registration Number: 77438-X
GST Number: 002106195968
Created by SYH Million @ 2016
Meaning of the LION logo of SYH:
Our main objective is to become one of the leading Soybeans Importers back in Malaysia, if possible
through out the Asia Pacific and around the world.
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