Sin Yong Huat Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. has a good
business communication network with their local
and international suppliers. We have been
working closely with our suppliers for more than
two decades and we appreciate their
contribution by supplying us their products for
all these years.

The local suppliers are mainly from Johor,
Kelantan, Pahang, Penang, Selangor, Sarawak
and Sabah. Overseas suppliers are from
Australia, Canada, England, Holland, New
Zealand, USA, China, Cambodia, Egypt, India,
Indonesia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea,
Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries
around the world.

The local and international suppliers supply us
all types of commodities such as Beans, Peas,
Chemical, Canned Food, Sundry Goods, Starch
and Spices.

Soybeans are still our core products and we have
been imported more than 500 containers per
year via locally and internationally.  

We also imported a lot of Chinese Soybeans
mainly from Dalian, HeiLongJiang and HupFong.
The Chinese Soybeans main aim is on SoySauce
industries. Most of our SoySauce customers’
would prefer Chinese Soybeans to process

We also imported other products such as Coffee
Seeds, Corn Starch, Jelly Grass, Marrowfat Peas,
Potato Starch, Red Beans, Sago Starch, Sesame
Seeds, Wheat Flour, Yellow Split Peas, etc.
These are miscellaneous item which will help us
venture our business. These commodities will
cover a total of 200 containers per year.
In order for us to achieve our mission, customer’s service, time efficiency and quality control are the
most important area in our company. Soybeans nowadays are becoming high in demands here in
Malaysia and we are continually searching for better quality Soybeans in order to fulfill our
customers’ needs.

Through customers’ feedback and opinions we will improve our company’s service performance.
Our customers requested for different type or grade of Soybeans in order for them to produced
better products. For instance Chinese Soybeans are targeting on SoySauce market.

Superior Grade Soybeans and Large Size Premium Grade Soybeans are for Tofu market because of
high protein content. Special Quality White Hilum Soybeans are for SoyMilk & Bean Curd market
and High Sprouting Grade Soybeans are targeting on Bean Sprouts market.

There are so many Soybeans varieties and a lot of information that we gather from our customers
will help us to further improve our products, quality control assurance and our customer services
orientation. We have to follow the trend in order to compete with our competitors. Our suppliers
also play an important role as well; we can gather information’s from them such as the Soybeans
specification and the pricing movement.

The Soybeans specification given by they are accurate and the pricing movement will give us
brighter knowledge when making purchase.

It is through customers and suppliers’ feedbacks also with the research that had helped us to
update on what’s happening in the Soybeans industry locally and aboard as well.
Business Registration Number: 77438-X
GST Number: 002106195968
Created by SYH Million @ 2016
Soybeans have been our core products since 1981 and Soybeans alone already occupied 75% of our
business. With our expertise and experience in dealing with Soybeans, we have a large network of
Soybeans customers mainly from Tofu, SoyMilk, SoySauce, Pudding & Chocolates, Tempeh, Bean
Sprout and Bean Curd industries.

Our customers are from these industries requiring the Soybeans to perform their daily operations.
We are working closely with our customers to identify which varieties of Soybeans are suitable for
them. We will provide them few varieties of Soybeans for testing purposes. Once they have the
results, they will keep us inform of what type of Soybeans that they need and then we will supply it
to them accordingly on the particular Soybeans from time to time.

Other than Soybeans, we do import other miscellaneous items such as Starch and Flour. Products
like CornStarch, Potato Starch, Sago Starch, Tapioca Starch & Wheat Flour, which we are supplying
to noodles and confectionery industries. Products such as Marrowfat Peas, Yellow Split Peas &
Sesame Seeds are targeting on canning, oil and snack food industries. Chrysanthemum Flowers,
Coffee Seeds, Jelly Grass and Soybeans are supplying to drinks factories.

Chemical items such as Calcuim Sulphate, China Salt Water, Sodium Benzoate, Toshiba, VSA 747
Silicone Anti-Foam, etc are supporting item for us to supply to food grade industries which are upon
request from our customers. We have to diversify into more areas to improve our company’s sales
and once again credit is given to all our customers for their continuous support. Without them, we
are unable to fulfill our mission.
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