TEMPEH, is gaining popularity in Malaysia because it is an economical, very nutritious, healthy and
easy-to-prepare food. Tempeh has been a favorite food and staple source of protein in Malaysia for
several years.

But Tempeh is now rapidly becoming more popular all over the world as people look for ways to
increase their intake of Soybeans, and they discover Tempeh's versatility and delicious taste.
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For many years it was only possible to find Tempeh in natural foods and
Asian stores, yet Tempeh is now becoming more and more available in
supermarkets. Also it's very easy and rewarding to make your own Tempeh
at home.

Tempeh has a firm texture and a nutty mushroom flavor. Tempeh can be
used in different ways. Normally Tempeh is sliced and fried till the surface
is crisp and golden brown or also can be use as ingredient in soups,
spreads, salads and sandwiches. Any recipe works with mushrooms also
work with Tempeh; the flavor type is the same.

Tempeh is a complete protein food that contains all the essential amino
acids. The proteins and isoflavones have a lot of health effects such as
bone building, reducing risk of coronary hearth disease and some cancers.

Tempeh maintains the entire fiber of the beans and gains some digestive
benefits from the enzymes created during the fermentation process.
Tempeh is usually sold in natural food stores, where it is found in the frozen
food case. Frozen Tempeh keeps well for several months. Tempeh can be
kept in the refrigerator for about 10 days.