TOFU, is made from Soybeans, the second largest crop grown in the Canada and United States.

Dried Soybeans are soaked, ground and cooked.

The thick puree mixture is then separated into Soy pulp (okara) and Soy Milk. The milk is then strained
and a common, natural mineral, calcium sulphate, is added to the Soy Milk to curd it.
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The curds and whey are separated; the curds are then strained and pressed
into Tofu cakes, ready to use as a healthful alternative to meat, eggs,
cheese and other protein sources.

Tofu is sold in fresh cakes packed in water. Although Tofu comes in many
forms, the most common are:

  • Soft, a custard-like Tofu for sauces, dips, drinks and pureed recipes.

  • Regular, a medium firm Tofu for casseroles, soups, salads and

  • Firm or Extra Firm, a more dense Tofu for stir-frying, crumbling, deep
    frying, or as a meat alternative. No matter which type of Tofu you
    choose to use, you can be assured of consistent nutritional value.
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